Gleason Sensei
Very Last visit Downunder

Gleason Sensei was a student of Seigo Yamaguchi Shihan - a most remarkable exponent of ‘Aiki’ - in Japan from 1970-1980. He Founded Shobu Aikido of Boston (www.shobu.org) in 1980, under the auspices of Saotome Shihan since 1985. Established working relationship with Dan Harden around 2008 (www.bodyworkseminars.org) to put the “aiki” back into aikido, that Osensei, and gifted 1st generation shihan displayed. Aiki is inherent in Daito ryu and Chinese internal arts and the foundation of Aikido. The transformation of Gleason Sensei’s aikido is astounding and makes him one of the most complete teachers in Aikido today. Effortless, unsourceable and unstoppable power ! What sets him apart is that he can demonstrate and explain what should be practiced physically, mentally and philosophically. The realisation that techniques of Aikido are actually Aiki developing exercises changes the practice and result, completely.
gleason sensei
Fri 1st February 7.30-9.30pm
Sat 2nd February 9am-3pm
Sun 3rd February 9am-3pm
Budokan Training Center; Doran Dr, Castle Hill Showground
Cost: $225 whole weekend; $25 Friday night; $200 Sat/Sun; $120 single day

Weekday evening classes $25 at below venues
February Mon 4th 7.15-9pm White Wolf Dojo, 12 Charles St Castlecrag
February Tues & Thur 5th & 7th 6.30-8.30pm Self Defense Academy, 1043a Victoria Rd, West Ryde.
February Wed 6th 6.30-8.30pm Upstairs Dojo Balmain PCYC, 372 Darling St, Balmain

February Fri 8th to Sun 10th in Canberra. See separate poster www.aikidocanberra.com/event-calendar

Contact: Steve 0414 376 912 or email aikidobalmain@gmail.com

***Download & print waiver, complete without signature and bring to seminar.