Aikido Kenkyukai Balmain

Aikido Kenkyukai Balmain Dojo provides a non aggressive Martial Art with the emphasis on mind/body coordination in a safe, friendly and inspiring enviroment.

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Internal Power
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About Us

Aikido Kenkyu Kai International (A.K.I.) is an affiliation of aikido clubs inspired by the teachings of Shihan Yoshinobu Takeda 8th dan AIKIKAI of Kamakura Japan. Takeda shihan was in turn, a long term student of Yamaguchi Seigo shihan, a honbu instructor and student of Osensei.

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Our club

Balmain Dojo, our history and policy


Our weekly classes


AKI NSW instructors are accredited as martial arts coaches through the Martial Arts Industry Association (MAIA)

Our Instructors

Stephen Seymour

6th Dan




nigel carruthers-taylor

5th Dan


Training weekend with Hiroshi Yamamoto 6th dan and Yokohama City University university students

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Easter Camp with Yasuyuki Suzuki 7th dan

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Masao Ishii 7th dan visit


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